The list of the top 20 celebrity wedding dresses

February 7, 2007

The list of the top 20 wedding dresses

1 Grace Kelly (April 1956)


2 Nicole Kidman (June 2006)


3 Jackie Onassis (September 1953)


4 Pink (January 2006) – designer: Monique Lhuillier


5 Diana, Princess of Wales (July 1981)


6 Dita Von Teese (December 2005)


7 Victoria Beckham (July 1999)


8 Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy (July 1996)


9 Jordan (September 2005)

10 Jemma Kidd (June 2005)

11 Avril Lavigne (July 2006) -designer: Vera Wang


12 Bianca Jagger (May 1971)

13 Renee Zellweger (May 2005)

14 Katy England (July 2006)

15 Ines Sastre (April 2006)

16 Marilyn Monroe (January 1954)

17 Gwen Stefani (September 2002)- designer: John Galliano


18 Liberty Ross (September 2003)

19 Sarah Armstrong-Jones (July 1994)

20 Jodie Kidd (October 2005)


6 Responses to “The list of the top 20 celebrity wedding dresses”

  1. amandina Says:

    Von Teese’s dress is amazing; now make it white for the in-laws’ palates. Lol.

  2. Thanks for your comment! You are the first on this blog:) I went to your site too.. you are beautiful and stylish!

  3. cherry Says:

    i love victoria’s i will have one made for my wedding by feb next year!!! i planned to have grapes in my bouquet,nah, i changed me mind, i’ll put apples!
    lots of love!

  4. lennie Says:

    Dita’s dress is amazing indeed. However, as much as I found Grace a timeless beauty, I never liked her all wrapped up puffy wedding dress. The head piece was even worse, and since almost everybody think that her dress was the most beautiful ever, I take the blame on me ๐Ÿ™‚ I must have a poor taste on dresses. The one I find really breathtaking is Mette-Marit’s wedding dress (as well as the veil and the headpiece, thus the entire outfit): she is Norway’s Crownprincess.

  5. Harry Says:

    I also love Dita von Teese’s dress; too bad her hubby wears more makeup than she does but I think they were going for the vampire-ish look, and they got that bog time.
    Another dress I totally dig is Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy’s – simple, white gown that doesn’t look like much on a mannequin but just look how Miss Bessette carried it… stunning!
    Not too crazy about Gwen Stefani’s half pink gown; looks like she stepped in some paint on the way to the chapel.
    And Princess Di’s, rest her soul, dress is awful. It looks like it was made of old, wrinkly paper. You’d think royalty would have better in-house designers…

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