Be a ‘camouflage chick” II

March 26, 2007

2. Fit me well

Rule no.2 is fairly simple and straightforward. Buy and wear clothes that fit. Anything too big (baggy T-shirts) or too small (tiny tank tops) will make you look larger than you are. You won’t fool anyone by cramming yourself into a smaller size or hiding under loose fabric. Buy clothing that actually fits your body.

3. The Perfect Pants

For the most universally flattering style, look for a flat front (gathered waists only make your stomach look fatter), low waist (about an inch or so below your navel — not hip-huggers) and a slight flare at the bottom (to balance out the width of your hips). But rules can be broken for different body types. For a petite with slim thighs and legs, the skinny jeans or pencil pants can be very flattering. For someone who have “fat thighs” like me, I will opt for straight-leg or slim fit jeans which hug my thigh just nice and the straight cut can elongate my legs.


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