[Fitness] Update on “Faster way to burn fat”

March 27, 2007

Promised to update on using the new cardio exercise to burn fat more effectively.. I have tried this method for 1 week (3 times). But there isn’t any visible impact yet. However, my boyfriend tried the same method and it is indeed very effective on him. Running five times a week for 30 minutes each session using the sprint-slow method, he managed to lose 3kgs in one week. Isn’t this wonderful?

I will continue with more aggressive cardio routine when I completed my Body Sculpting and ABT classes this week. It is quite stressful to my legs for exercising so much and so frequent. Looks like I may need some rest in between or do some lighter exercise like brisk walking and light cycling. Walking can be a very effective workout. This site covers a detailed walking plans and the benefits of having walking as your regular workout routine. It also provides a walking calculator to motivate you to walk more and burn more calories.



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