Let the music motivates you

April 10, 2007

A lot of joggers love to jog with their music player. Though I do jog a lot, but I seldom do it with my mp3 player (because I usually use the jogging time to think about “random” things)..But after seeing the newly introduced Nike+ipod, I am tempted.

Actually music can really motivate us during our exercise. When I was taking my body sculpting or kickboxing class, the music that the trainer decides to play is really important. Upbeat, cheerful music can lighten our steps and make us more energetic. They usually play soft and relaxing music during cool-down stretching.

This is also the idea of Nike + ipod.. The music that your ipod plays will change according to your steps/activities. Interesting huh?

The idea of Nike + iPod Sport Kit [Source]


Step 1.

Insert sensor into sole of shoe.

Place the sensor in your left Nike+ shoe, in the built-in pocket beneath the insole. You can leave the sensor in your shoe even when you’re not working out.


Step 2.

Attach receiver to iPod nano.

Attach the receiver to your iPod nano. The receiver fits snugly into the Dock connector, located on the bottom of your iPod nano next to the headphone jack.


Step 3.

Runner FPO

Hit the ground running with workout-based voice feedback, Nike Sport Music content, and an iPod nano that stays in tune with every step.


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