Mix and Match

April 12, 2007

Still remember that i like to play a small game during my primary school where I would buy some little pretty paper dolls with different outfits. Then I could tear down the top or bottom and mix and match the outfits of different pretty dolls.. ya.. it is like dressing up your barbie dolls. When I become older, I can buy clothes and mix and match them on my own body. But the limitation is always the $$. But I still like the mix and match process. Now there is a substitution..


Maybe that’s the first moment where I fell in love with fashion and beauty. That’s why I am totally in love with this website – Polyvore that allows me to “mix and match” different clothes. I can collect photos of the clothes from the Internet or from my own wardrobe. Then I can mix and match all the different clothes by drag and drop on a “drawboard” provided. Then by rearranging and resizing them, I can see the effect of matching. This can be extremely useful in helping me to see whether my next purchase can be used to pair with my existing clothes.. We can also experiment matching new outfits and doing some new combinations.

This is really lotsa fun, try it on your own!


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