Wedding Dress: A fairy tale comes true?

April 26, 2007

Now Disney is going to make the fairy tale comes true. You can hold your fairy tale wedding in a pure Disney style. Moreover, they have engaged Kirstie Kelly to design a series of wedding gowns specially for Disney’s Fairy Tale Wedding! [Read the news here]

The Gown, The Slipper, The Kiss and The Prince. Under it all, every girl believes in the dream. So here is our tribute to fairy tale wishes and finding true love.

With her bridal, Maidens and flower girl gowns, Kirstie Kelly creates a look that connects to every girl’s inner princess. Kirstie Kelly’s fantasy collection continues with enchanting accents and jewels – and the perfect wish to let your fairy tale begin…

The series consists of gowns designed for cinderella, sleeping beauty, snowwhite, disney’s jasmine, ariel and belle. So dreamy!!

These are a few selected pieces from the Cinderella series:

A simple and elegant series made primarily from duchess satin. In relatively simple design and cut, these gowns bring out the only desire of the bride: To be the innocent cinderella of her prince.


Simple design. Elegant. Suitable for those having beautiful shoulders especially those with hour-glass or pear-shaped bodytype. This gown fully accentuates your beautiful neckline & shoulder.


In cinderella series, I love this one the most. Sweet!


This is a beautiful off-the-shoulder ball gown, which is suitable for the ladies with heavier arms. It works well for upper arms that aren’t in super shape. Bringing the attention to your beautiful collar-bone instead of arms. Actually the off-the-shoulder look is suitable for those who are small on top and heavy on the bottom. It gets things balanced out.

For other series.. like the pure snow-white, determined ariel, sleeping beauty and belle, visit the website.


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