Will you wear this dress?

May 8, 2007

I still could remember when I was young, I owned a quilt like this:


Or maybe something like this (more colourful)


I still can remember how I love that quilt. It was sewn by my mother. She sewn the small pieces of used clothes together to form a big piece of warm quilt. Her patience and love enveloped my little body every night.

Now, it is kind of weird to see your childhood bedsheet or quilt being turned into an expensive dress. So will you wear this dress? It is definitely not my cup of tea!

J.Crew Talitha Patchwork Dress84042_wc8627_su07_m.jpg


10 Responses to “Will you wear this dress?”

  1. […] J.Crew sold a patchwork dress back in 2007 that apparently sold out within a day.  Although it looks a little too much like a patchwork quilt, if the patches were a little bigger or perhaps the colors were toned down a bit, it could be a cute casual wedding dress. […]

  2. Shani Says:

    I want that dress…I know it’s patchwork, but I feel like I can pull off anything, and that dress is so different, I dunno it feels kinda like Austen with a twist. Must have! How much? And where can I get one? We don’t have J crew in Canada please tell me this is affordable.

    • Shani Says:

      Oops…I just read the message above. If anyone has this dress I’ll buy it second hand…lol now I definitely sound crazy.

  3. lobo Says:

    i would totally wear a dress like that

  4. JO Says:

    I love this dress.. where can i get a pattern?

    i would wear it i love it

  5. *Doudou* Says:

    I really love this dress!!! How wonderful it is!

  6. Marieke Says:

    I absolutely love this dress ❤ I would definitely wear it!

  7. […] Credits: Beauty, Fitness, Fashion, Style, Treehugger.com, Sew, Mama, […]

  8. Mrs.Scott Says:

    Where can I get this dress?

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