Sorry for lack of posts!

June 5, 2007

Have been pretty busy recently.. busy with work, with family, with myself..

Some big news for myself are on the way! I hope I can update my friends with more information soon when I can have more confirmed updates! So confusing!!

I watched a couple of movies recently:

1. Pirates of the Carribean III (Since I watched the first one I have fallen in love with Johnny Depp.. how can i resist the temptation of pirates?! But i will say they should just stop here!!)

2. Blood diamond.. a really nice and inspiring movie.. Leornardo Di Caprio is getting more and more “delicious”…

3. Music and Lyrics.. a really romantic love movie.. I still can remember how I fell in love with Hugh Grant when I watched “notting hill”..

4.  The Holiday.. a pretty good romance movie but a bit old-fashion love story..

Okay.. I lied.. I am busy yet I could watch so many movies.. hehe..Or.. i took time to enjoy life so I am busy!?


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