I love shoes!

December 9, 2007

I love shoes a lot. But the problem is always the love-hate relationship of stylish-price-comfortability. A nice pair of heels make a gal feel extra sexy but it doesn’t come cheap normally.

I am not rich, so I cannot afford to buy the expensive designer shoes. No matter how much I drool over the Christian Louboutin’s luxury red soles, I can only try my best to find frugal substitutes.

In Malaysia, there are a couple of famous brands that sell affordable women footwears like Vincci, Marie Claire by Bata, etc. Almost every women in Malaysia knows Vincci. I will say a decent pair of Vincci heels may cost us about RM30-RM70. They make nice heels and wedges that are suitable for Malaysian weather. Personally I quite like heels by Marie Claire by Bata. They are pretty and durable.


When I moved to Singapore to study, I came to know a few well-known affordable brands in Singapore such as Charles & Keith, PrettyFit, etc. I quite like the design of C&K recently. I think the designs of their shoes improve a lot in recent years. A decent pair of heels in Singapore will cost me about SGD30-100. Obviously, I still buy more of my footwear in Malaysia as I go back to Malaysia every month.

Charles & Keith- Mary Janes

I really like this Patent Leather Mary Janes by Charles & Keith.

Two months ago, I moved to Sydney. I brought with me a pair of NIKE sports shoes and 4 pairs of heels. These are all I have now. Due to extensive walking I have done in Sydney for the past 2 months, one pair of my heels was already broken. Now I am literally in search of a/few pair/pairs of new comfortable heels/flats. To be short, I wanna indulge myself in the happiness of finding a pair of shoes that I love!! Bear in mind, I am still jobless…

As I am not familiar with Sydney, I don’t really know where to find budget shoes. A few shopping trips introduced me to Target, K-Mart, Payless for lower end of shoes. Myer carries some really pretty shoe-lines. I was told that occasionally they will go on sale and I should grab them during the sales period. Another problem that I encountered here is that the smallest size I can find is usually Size 6 (as in target, k-mart and Payless). I think this means US Size 6. However, I find that they are still slightly bigger for me. I am a UK Size 4, which should be equal to US Size 6!! Sigh..do they have some smaller size in Australia?

So what is my solution?! YEAH, I need to shop go out more to get myself familiar with shoes business in Sydney.


4 Responses to “I love shoes!”

  1. horse shirt Says:

    she is looking stunning !

  2. juwita Says:

    i like this,
    how much???

  3. Ana Says:

    how much po??

  4. re Says:

    how much

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