What do you wear to interview?

December 12, 2007

Recently I had attended a couple of job interviews. Due to my limited wardrobe, I am very limited in my choice for interview attire.. I normally wear a suit. Apart from business suit, are there any possible choices?

First impression is the most important one. Every interview tips will include an advice for you to wear appropriately. As in many advices, the attire should be appropriate to the industry you are working in. You should always look professional, tidy and put together. I believe we can also use our clothing to express our personality. Although it is advised that the attire should be subtle and preferably dark colour, can we wear some brighter colours? Can we not wear suit?

I think suit is still the best choice as it is formal. It is always better to be too formal then too casual!

This is my only suit which I bought it in a shop, namely DANO in Singapore for about SGD120..

my suit

What do you think?

But I am getting bored keep wearing the formal and a-bit-dull-looking suit.. So I am thinking of making my outfit look a little bit more cheerful and brighter. I have a few ideas for myself:

1. A more dressy button-shirt inside.

A clean design like this is always my favourite, but how about this?

Looks like, a slightly more details look pretty nice too!! What about colour?

More details and a different colour may attract correct attention to your personality reflected by your choice of outfit and colour, especially when you are applying for jobs that requires creativity and innovation.

2. If the company has more casual dress code, I may wanna try out some other options like:


3. We do have choices for our lower-half body such as pants (pencil pants, wide-leg, straight) or skirts (must be knee length; can be pencil skirt, A-skirt,etc). Wearing well-fitting one-piece dress may be a good choice too. But always remember not to reveal skin at all!! So the length of the skirt must be paid attention. A mini-skirt is definitely a no-no. And also the length of your skirt when you sit down is important. In short, wear skirt which is at least knee-length!

White wide-leg pants

button dress

I think this black button front dress looks extremely professional and neat.

4. Pay more attention to accessories like a matching handbags and shoes. Maybe a scarf can do wonder as well! Just remember to keep things minimal and neat!

5. Wearing white? is this a good idea? I think white is really a nice colour to wear for interview as this colour makes you look clean and tidy. But be extra careful not to have your white outfit stained!


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