Wrinkle Wrinkle Little Stars..

December 12, 2007

I am panic.. I saw a few wrinkles/fine lines around my eyes when I smiled another day!

Before coming to Australia, I have been using Clarins Eye Contour Balm. It is not too rich and it never cause any problem of over-mosturizing. I could not feel much difference as what I did was to take preventive measure!


Coming to australia, the weather change might be too harsh for my skin. Australia is dryer than Singapore. Co-incidentally, I finished up my last drip of eye balm. Therefore, I went for a hunt for a nice eye-cream.

I have heard of Jurlique a lot before coming to Australia. My friend had recommended this brand to me. Therefore, I decided to give it a try! My fiance bought me Herbal Eye Recovery Gel by Jurlique (AUD 100). This is a new product after the repackaging and I heard that it is less money-to-value as we can just use herbal recovery gel for eyes as well..

This product feels soft and delicate on my hand and eyes. It is really mosturizing and I can feel that the dryness around my eyes disappeared. Applying eye cream is always a preventive measure. So we must not expect to see results immediately. Also, we cannot resist the law of nature. We can only do the best to make it happen more gracefully!

After I finish this one (I think it will last for long time), I think I will buy Herbal Recovery Gel which is 20-30 dollars cheaper as the ingredients inside them are quite similar.

They look very similar too!!

This is Herbal Recovery Gel with old packaging!


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