Online Shopping

January 6, 2008

One of my favourite pastime activities is shopping! Ever since I have broadband Internet connection, I develop the love for online surfing. Combining these two activities together, my another beloved activity is —- Yeah!! Online shopping!! I do think that online shopping is a potential business, judging at the widespread of the Internet connectivity. More and more people spend more time at home, surfing the Internet! So, there is more and more opportunities ONLINE!  

Recently a lot of my friends start their online business, which I think is a promising business. I intend to start my own online clothing business as well. I have an uncle who managed a large fashion retail shop in Malaysia. I hope I can get my supply from him. I am currently in touch with a company in Taiwan, which may become my another source. Then I need to setup my website, which is not a big problem as I have a friend who specialized in designing website. I think I can count on him.

But, how are my future customers going to do their payment? I think I need a secure and user-friendly online shopping cart software. It must not be too expensive as I don’t have much capital to spend. I have been searching high and low for this kind of software. Luckily, my friend introduced me to a nice and simple shopping cart software solution provided by Ashop Commerce.


It is good that they offers the user 10 days free trial!! I tried it out and it really impressed me! It is very simple, straight-forward, and no programming knowledge required to setup the software. Although the setup is simple, the software is sophisticated. It allows me to customize the design, the payment method, shipping, tax, discount and other important features for my business!!

Most importantly, it is very affordable. BINGO! This is exactly what I need for my new online clothing business.


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