June 15, 2008

I started my regular yoga session about four months ago.

I have to say that I totally love it.

You must have heard of a lot of benefits about practising yoga.. In this information age, we always have too much information and don’t know which one is true and which one is not that true. The following is an extract from BBC.

Yoga practitioners claim that all forms of the discipline offer health and physical benefits – from lowering blood pressure to improving flexibility.

Often the first basic lesson of a yoga class is deep, rhythmic breathing, which practitioners say can help to relieve respiratory complaints including asthma, as well as feeding more oxygen to the muscles to boost their strength.

It also helps to improve posture by teaching relaxation of the neck, shoulders and upper back, easing tension that can trigger aches and pains in the back.

Certain postures can also help to lengthen and strengthen the spine.

Yoga practitioners also claim that specific postures such as abdominal twists gently massage internal organs including the kidneys to improve their efficiency while forward bends can stimulate the digestive processes to help ease indigestion problems.

The inverted postures such as the head and shoulder stands, boost blood circulation and therefore improve skin tone.

The deep relaxation exercises normally practised at the end of a class can also relieve stress and anxiety, they claim.

Of course you can choose not to believe any of this. As for myself, I feel the improvement in my posture a lot. I use to crouch a lot and it is really hard to get rid of this poor posture due to habit and laziness. I have done pilates class before and my posture improves tremendously. Yoga did the same wonder to me! My back is much more straight nowadays. Due to running 2 to 3 times a week, I have tight hamstrings and calves. Doing certain yoga posture stretch those muscle groups and leave me refreshed for another running session.

I do believe aerobic exercise, weight training + yoga will do wonder for everyone. The key is to be persistent and regular!!


2 Responses to “Yoga”

  1. Daljit Says:

    Good luck to you for your further progress in yoga practice. In addition to asanas and pranayama, simple nutritious diet and keeping your emotions under control will help tremendously.

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