Christmas is around the corner!

November 29, 2008

Christmas is just around the corner! It is so amazing how time flies! This will be the second Christmas in Oz!! Another month to go and I should start to prepare Christmas Gifts for my beloved family, friends and co-worker!!

Let me think what should christmas gifts should I buy them..

Let me start with my husband. He is always a gadget man. He loves computers and cars. What should I buy him for this Christmas? He just installed strut bar for our car to improve the handling. He just assembled himself a brand-new, super-duper-lightning fast computer! It is always hard to find Gifts for Men. The choices are more limited. I guess what he would want most at the moment will be a Land Rover! I remember how he lingered around the showroom of Land Rover, savouring that powerful, macho Discovery 3 another day. But it is definitely out of my budget! How about a laptop? He would like it. He has been complaining his old laptop to be bulky and slow. Oh yeah, I should buy him a blood pressure monitoring device. Prevention is always better than cure!

Land Rover Discovery 3

Land Rover Discovery 3

I miss my family in Malaysia so much. Buying them wonder christmas gifts will remind them how much I am loving and missing them from Oz. A food hamper will definitely nice but it is a little bit too far to send a food hamper. That would cost outrageous delivery charges!! My mum would like some skin care products while my sister will love perfume. She is a big fan of Ralph Lauren. Meanwhile, I always love Issey Miyake.

Ralph Lauren

A dream in water

A dream in water

How about my youngest brother and sister? They are still very young and would love toys as gift, I believe. I believe Andy would love a brand new Nitendo DS Lite while SinYee will love the complete set of “Harry Potters” novels..

Oh, I wish I got more bonus so that I can spend more on gifts for my beloved family and myself for this coming Christmas. But during the turbulent time due to the financial crisis, we all should be contented with what we have and cherish our family more! Gift ideas are not always limited to expensive gifts or hampers. I believe my family would be happy with my presents for them even that they might not be expensive or luxurious.


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