I have been eyeing this purse for long time. But as I am not rich, I have never paid much attention to what purse this is.. I just want to find something similar to this at budget price.

However, Vanessa Hudgens carried a black one in one of her outings. She looked so cool and put together. She always dresses herself nicely and appropriate for her age.

 vanessa hudgens 2Vanessa Hudgens with Chanel 2.55

and also a lot of other celebrities that heart the Chanel 2.55!

mary kate-olsen red 2.55Rachel Bilson 2.55jessica alba chanel 2.55

Mary Kate-Olsen, Rachel Bilson, Jessica Alba, etc.

It does not get any more classic than this. Launched in February 1955, the Chanel 2.55 (Get it?) is as stylish today as it was 50 years ago. The bag features a double chain shoulder strap that allows a woman’s hands to be free, a special invention of Coco Chanel.

Chanel has reissued this epic design that started it all. Subdued turn clasp is sans the CC claps we are used to, making it more discrete. Double flap closure, and exterior love letter pocket complete the design. The purse is being created in seven sizes and three colors; gray with ruthenium, white with antique nickel, and black with aged gold hardware. Prices range from $1795-2490 (Ouch!).

gray 2.55

This is the one in gray.


And I fall in love with this ivory 2.55 with gold hardware. Four letters – PURE.

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Fashion Trend 2008

December 15, 2007

Fortune Magazine predicted that scarf will be one of the top five fashion trends in the year of 2008. I totally adore scarf and think that it is the best accessory to keep me warm and fashionable. In summer-all-year singapore, we don’t have a lot of chances to rock a scarf. However, moving to australia gives me opportunities to buy some really nice scarves and keep my neck warm!

Here is diane kruger rocking the scarf trend. I like her boldness and creativity of pairing a cute scarf with a cute white dress..

I totally adore her look in 3.1 Phillip Lim white dress, completed with an embroidered scarf and patent Louboutins. Read the rest of this entry »

These are a few dresses that I like for this event!


Fann Wong from Singapore

Liang Luo Shi

Liang Luo Shi from Hong Kong


Shu Qi from Taiwan

Co-incidentally they all wore white gown with natural make-up 🙂 White is always my favourite color for clothing..

Find the dress!

September 22, 2007

This is such a cute dress.. vanessa hudgens had been plagued with her nu** photo scandal.. but she still manages to look good in the cloudy situation.. that is what a strong lady should do! No matter how tough the situation is, brace yourself.. Look good, be happy!!


I want to find this dress or something similar.. the dress is so so so sweet.. she really knows how to style herself.. bravo! She paired the simple dress with an elegant silk scarf that makes she looked more demure (although she is still a teenager!) I like the matching flat as well! Really like the look.. but I dont really heart the extra-big bag! A smaller nude colour canvas may be more matching?!


Mischa Barton and Debra Messing embrace summer with this sweet summer dress. Mischa Barton really loves the dress that she wore it twice in different colours, green and white. I love it in white..



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Beautiful dresses

June 13, 2007

I just love dresses..and I cant get enough of them!!

These are a few dresses spotted on celebrity that I am loving currently.. we can spot the black/white trend here!



It is a known fact that media is a main contributor in channeling negative body image to young ladies and women in general.

Today I saw a news in local chinese newspaper with title “身形肥胖疑怀孕 王菲为李亚鹏再追一子” (means “Faye Wong was spotted with fat body, suspected to be pregnant!”) Apologies for lousy translation!

So I was curious how fat can Faye Wong be because she is alwasy very slender. So I googled for her recent photos. And here I found the original article,capturing the photo of Faye Wong going for a yoga class in the following outfit (the outfit was so cool!)

身穿运动服的王菲身形明显比以前丰满,小腹位置隆起。 (means, “Faye looked to have gain a few pounds with a little tummy spotted!”)


Now you see how media “spread news”!

To me, she totally looks normal and very much slender as before! A little tummy is totally NORMAL for a women who gave birth to two children before!

P/S: I really like her yoga outfit! Maybe should put together this look later!