Most of the time, I handwash my brassieres. As I get elder and realize the importance of a good pair of bra, the price I paid for each pair of them is getting higher. Therefore, the last thing I ever want is to ruin them in my washing machine. But sometimes I am really lazy to handwash them.. Thanks to fellow blogger, fabsugar, I came across this handy product – BraBaby. A really simple way to clean your expensive bras without the risk of damaging them in washing machine.



[Sales Alert] FashBash

April 13, 2007

Hi fellow fashion-lover in singapore, let’s dash to FashBash this coming saturday!!!

But wait!!

What is FashBash by the way? 

FashBash is the first, best, and most-loved fashion bazaar where you can:
1. Buy, sell and barter pre-loved designer togs and accessories!
2. Snap up pieces from the latest collection, or discounted items from past seasons, and even grab stuff hot off the samples racks of local emergent and indie designer labels!

One of the merchandizer is Swirl which I like their clothes very much (but a bit expensive for me) So now is a good opportunity to grab Swirl pieces that I love..

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I cannot categorize this post in fashion.. because I am fully aware that I am not a fashionista YET!!

I love fashion but I am timid on experimenting it on myself mainly because I am quite dissatisfied with my body frame, my height, my figure and the list goes on (not that I have low self-esteem..) I always believe that everyone should wear what suits her best. And due to my own limitations there are a lot of clothes that wont look good on me. For normal girl like me, it is best to wear something that can flatter my body type.

I tried to brighten up this LBD (little black dress) with bright red accessories – a skinny red belt and a small red clutch.

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Towards Real Beauty

February 1, 2007

Every woman has her own beauty.

Saw Dove’s commercial- Campaign for Real Beauty. I could not agree more.

We should cherish what is given to us and make good use of them.

Everyone is special. Otherwise, God would not have to spend so much time making each of us unique. The almight He should just use a mold to have us all look alike (:p)

In this new blog, I am going to share some knowledge that I accumulated over the years on beauty, fitness, health and fashion. My priority is always fitness and natural beauty.

Do share your opinions and feedbacks with me through the comments function.

Let’s get beautiful & healthy!