It is a known fact that media is a main contributor in channeling negative body image to young ladies and women in general.

Today I saw a news in local chinese newspaper with title “身形肥胖疑怀孕 王菲为李亚鹏再追一子” (means “Faye Wong was spotted with fat body, suspected to be pregnant!”) Apologies for lousy translation!

So I was curious how fat can Faye Wong be because she is alwasy very slender. So I googled for her recent photos. And here I found the original article,capturing the photo of Faye Wong going for a yoga class in the following outfit (the outfit was so cool!)

身穿运动服的王菲身形明显比以前丰满,小腹位置隆起。 (means, “Faye looked to have gain a few pounds with a little tummy spotted!”)


Now you see how media “spread news”!

To me, she totally looks normal and very much slender as before! A little tummy is totally NORMAL for a women who gave birth to two children before!

P/S: I really like her yoga outfit! Maybe should put together this look later!